Femto’s approach to maximizing
Japanese startup investment opportunity

  • Identifying Transformative
    Leaders & Supporting MBOs

    We focus on discovering leaders within startups and Management Buyouts (MBOs) who have the potential to bring about significant change in their respective industries. We provide strategic support and guidance to MBOs, helping them adjust and adapt to the dynamic business environment.

  • Participating as Lead Investor

    Upon investment, we create financial schemes and structures that could make high returns to start-up’s management based on our technical expertise on financing, capital policies, preferred shares, etc. As lead investors, we are in a position to greatly influence their growth and trajectory, emphasizing our industry-agnostic approach.

  • Offering Strategic Support

    Our team provides the financial strategy and expertise to optimize their leadership and unique competencies. Beyond providing substantial financial backing, we extend our support to include strategic guidance. We work closely with the leaders of these startups, offering financial and strategic insights that are tailored to their unique needs and issues.

Investment Strategy

We make substantial investments ranging from JPY 200-700 mil (approximately $1.8M - $6.3M) to potential startups mainly in the seed – early stages in Japan.

Rapidly expanding
fund size

We boast a solid portfolio with multiple funds totally exceeding JPY 16,000 million and growing in size, two Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and numerous investee companies.

Case Study of MBO


    • A Fashion Tech offering AI-powered personalized styling
    • Founded as a joint venture of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd and Boston Consulting Group
    • Femto provided an MBO structure and invested JPY 500M (USD 4.5M).
  • SkymatiX, Inc.

    • Planning, development and sales of industrial remote sensing services
    • Jointly established by Mitsubishi Corporation and Hitachi
    • Femto provided an MBO structure and totally invested JPY 300M (USD 2.7M).

    • Providing solutions to streamline, advance, and automate corporate sales promotion activities based on data science (Below-the-Line Marketing)
    • Established as wholly-owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta
    • Femto provided an MBO structure and invested JPY 600M (USD 5.4M).